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New Risk-Based Testing - June 2014

About Us

ElectroMind offers several services to help teams build better software that works as designed, does what it says on the tin and meets the current needs of all the stakeholders in your business.

We can help both traditional and agile projects communicate more effectively so that everyone on the team contributes and adds value to create a successful outcome.

Services include test strategy, test process improvement, effective test design, test resources and soft skills (people skills) training.

Innovative training programmes

ElectroMind delivers a programme of useful, practical training courses and workshops in software testing using industry recognised experts from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe. We are more than happy to discuss licensing arrangements for some or all of our training material and we will work with you to tailor it and rebrand it to your specific requirements. It contains many case studies based on the practical real-life projects our consultants have worked on over the years.